Gelbvieh Cattle Breeders Society

  • Easy calving and great mothering ability
  • High Weaning Weight
  • Excellent Fertility
  • High Slaughter Weight
  • Outstanding Daily Gains
  • Docile, Good Nature
  • Horned or Polled Genetics
  • High Quality Carcass
  • Suitable for Crossbreeding Purposes
  • High Milk Production

The simple and profitable way to add kilograms, breed quality, replacements and meet consumer demand.

The Gelbvieh breed has outstanding maternal traits: fertility, excellent mothering instincts, quiet temperament, good udders and prolific milk production. Gelbvieh females excel in early puberty, quick re breeding, high milk production, well-developed, structurally correct udders with pigmented teats, strong legs and feet give them longevity. They will produce a calf with minimum calving difficulty, and produce high weaning weights every year.

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