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The Smart Cross
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Performance Carcass Maternal

Gelbvieh - the quiet maternal versatile European breed.  This statement of fact sums up the uses of Gelbvieh in a crossbreeding situation.

According to industry experts, Gelbvieh is the crossbreeding Continental Breed of Choice, leading to huge financial benefits of hybrid vigour and the positive results of using breed complementarily (matching strengths and weaknesses).  The bottom line is that these breeders know that crossbreeding is essential for maximising profitability.  The unique genetic package that Gelbvieh offer is no accident.  Indigenous to Germany, Gelbvieh cattle enjoy a centuries-old reputation for explosive growth, high fertility and superior milking ability compared with other breeds.  In addition the Gelbvieh's quiet temperament and that of their crossbred progeny is unquestioned.
Gerlbvieh X Calf
Friesian/Angus cross cow, nursing a
Gelbvieh sired calf

According to the USDA Meat Animal Research Centre Gelbvieh are the only widely used breed that excels in calving ease, milk yield, retail yield, weaning growth and yearling growth combined.  In sum, Gelbvieh produce more kilograms of weaned calf per cow exposed than any other widely used breed.  Plus Gelbvieh gives you the priceless bonus of the industry's most respected replacement females.

Nearly all European breeds are used as
terminal sires.  Gelbvieh can no only be used as terminal sires but their crossbred heifer progeny make excellent breeding females as well.  Their puberty, fertility and milk production has superiority over other European cross females.  This has been established overseas with massive crossbreeding trials.

The term "European" is synonymous with high growth rate, leanness, large eye muscle area and heavy muscling.  The Gelbvieh are more moderately frames than other "European's".  Of particular advantage over its competitors is the Gelbvieh's puberty, fertility, temperament and milking ability - characters often pointed out as lacking in most other Europeans.  This is an advantage not only in calf size but also crossbred cow maintenance.

The main advantage Gelbvieh have over other European cross breeds in any crossbreeding system is that heifers can be retained with full confidence that they will go in calf when required and early.  They will calve easily and go in calf again quickly, while providing an excellent milk supply for the fast growing calf.

The Gelbvieh breed is an admirable terminal sire over all breeds of cow, excelling with "British" breeds, such as Angus.  Given this it is such a waste to slaughter crossbred Gelbvieh females which are the type of crossbred female the industry is crying out for today.

Gelbvieh is the Continental Breed of Choice based on overall profitability.  No other breed can compete with the growth, muscle and maternal power of Gelbvieh.  See for yourself why the industry experts give Gelbvieh the nod.

Gelbvieh at a Glance

Northern Bavaria, Germany

Reddish-gold to russet, or black. Dilutor gene is carried by some Gelbvieh.

Medium to large, long body with above average muscling Originally horned, the majority now polled.

Medium to late.

Purebred males average 40kg, female average 38kg.

Generally good performers but some care advisable when selecting sires for cross breeding over maiden heifers from smaller breeds.

one of the highest milk procers among beef breeds.

Pre-weaning Pre-weaning growth:
Exceptionally fast, comparable or better than Charolais.

Feed Conversion Efficiency:
one of the most efficient of all breeds.

Very good.

Meat Type:
Lean with a high % of retail yield.

Breed Information:
Gelbvieh were developed in the three Franconian districts of the Northern Bavaria region of Germany in the early 19th century. The "red-yellow Franconian cattle" were developed from several local strains including the Celtic-German Landrace and Heil-Brown cattle. Thus, with stringent sire testing and planned mating programs, Gelbvieh were moulded into a superior dual purpose animal for beef and milk production.

Gelbvieh were selected for carcass traits: length of loin, leanness, early growth and maturity. In Europe, there were far fewer cattle per farm unit and close contact with farm animals ensured that docility and longevity were also part of this formula. All of this, in a golden brown, totally pigmented animal with dark hooves and genitalia. (Pigmentation is a trait which is now believed to reduce problems associated with soft hooves, sunburned udders and cancer eye.) Gelbvieh animals also adapt to most range or climatic conditions.

In addition, Gelbvieh were required to have outstanding maternal traits: fertility, excellent mothering instincts, good udders and prolific milk production. Gelbvieh females meet these requirements and excel in early puberty, quick re-breeding, high milk production, well-developed, structurally correct udders with pigmented teats, strong legs and feet to give them longevity. They will produce a live calf with minimum calving difficulty, and produce high weaning weights every year.
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Gelbvieh X Angus X Shorthorn heifer
Gelbvieh X Angus X Shorthorn heifer