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Breed Society Progress
Many beef cattle Breed Societies follow a sequential development. Initially new genes are imported via AI or as embryos with resulting animals marketed by entrepreneurs ...

MARC Shows Gelbvieh Superiority for Weaning Weigh per Cow Exposed
Gelbvieh ranks first in combining fertility and growth, the two most economically important traits in beef ...

Gelbvieh gets the nod
According to industry experts in the USA, the Gelbvieh breed is the Continental Breed of Choice. This was the powerful message delivered at the...

Culling the Beef Herd
Advice on culling considerations.

The Functional Cow

Economically Relevant Traits
Are those traits, genetic and economic, of the Cow, which directly affect farm profitability. (*)

Gelbvieh Bull Selection and Use - From a Commercial Perspective (*)
Muller Station's experience in using Gelbvieh genetics in the Marlborough High Country.

ADLS (Active Dam Pre-Listings) - Some Questions & Answers (*)

(*) Articles item is in PDF format.  You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer (available free) in order to view and print these documents.