Gelbvieh Gets The Nod

According to industry experts, Gelbvieh is the crossbreeding Continental Breed of Choice. That was a powerful take-home message at the Composite Cattle Breeders Gelbvieh X calfannual meeting. The Composite Cattle Breeders includes leading animal scientists (MARC professors & staff from leading universities), some of the largest and most sophisticated commercial cattle producers (Deseret Ranches – 38,000 cows, Padlock Ranch – 13,800 cows, etc.) and industry leaders from throughout the United States. The cattle producer group represented every major breed in the country. The group meets on annual basis to discuss current trends and technologies. Part of this year’s meeting included an exercise in designing the ideal breeding program for specific regions of the United States.

Develop the Ideal Breeding Program

The group of approximately 100 participants was divided into five teams. Each of the teams was charged with developing a breeding plan for two regions of the country – Midwest (plentiful feed resources) and West (limited feed resources). Both breeding programs were required to produce their own replacement heifers. The group could select from one to three breeds to be used in the breeding program. Within each breed, they could also select the type of animals they desired. For example, they could choose Gelbvieh with low birth weight, moderate growth, and moderate milk.
After making their selections, the breeding plans were evaluated by a sophisticated computer modeling program called DECI. This NCBA-funded software ranks each breeding program for the given environment based on overall profitability.
In all, the five teams presented a total of 10 breeding plans (one for each environment) for evaluation. Given the brainpower in the room, the competition was fierce. Everybody wanted to be the best animal breeder.

Straight Breeding wasn’t the Answer

Among all of these rock-solid cattle producers and animal scientists, not a single team chose straight Angus as the ideal breeding program. This group was simply too sharp to ignore the huge financial benefits of hybrid vigor and the positive results of using breed complementarity (matching strengths and weaknesses). In fact, not a single team chose to submit a breeding program with only one breed represented. The bottom line is that these breeders know that crossbreeding is essential for maximizing profitability.

The Winning Answer is Gelbvieh

The breed selected most often was Gelbvieh. That’s right, Gelbvieh was used in eight of the possible 10 GelbviehXcalves autmn 07breeding programs. No other breed came close to Gelbvieh. Not surprisingly, each breeding program that used Gelbvieh also chose a British breed (Angus, Red Angus or Shorthorn) as a complement.
Gelbvieh totally dominated the Continental breed selection. In fact, only one other Continental breed even got a mention! And, when the computer model evaluated all the breeding programs, the program that did NOT select Gelbvieh was the least profitable overall!
Gelbvieh is the Continental Breed of Choice based on overall profitability. No other breed can compete with the growth, muscle and maternal power of Gelbvieh. See for yourself why the industry experts gave Gelbvieh the nod.