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Gelbvieh calf head Welcome to Gelbvieh
the Golden cattle
Breed for the future.

Gelbvieh - the quiet maternal versatile European breed.
The Simple and profitable way to add kilograms, breed quality, replacements and meet consumer demand.

Gelbvieh (pronounced as gelp-fee) originated in Bavaria, in southern Germany in the late 18th and early 19th century where the name Gelbvieh means “golden cow”. As with most of the European breeds the Gelbvieh was originally selected for meat, milk and work. Originally the Gelbvieh was horned and light brown in colour.

The modern Gelbvieh cattle are well-balanced, long-bodied and well-fleshed beef production units. They are moderately framed and without being bulgy, they carry meat well down the hind quarters. Gelbvieh cattle have strong, well-placed limbs which stand on dark, hard hooves. The breed is now generally golden brown or reddish in colour with strong skin pigmentation, (Pigmentation is a trait which is now believed to reduce problems associated with soft hooves, sunburned udders and cancer eye.) Breeders have now also introduced polled and black genetics into the breed. Gelbvieh animals also adapt to most ranges or climatic conditions.

The Gelbvieh breed has outstanding maternal traits: fertility, excellent mothering instincts, quiet temperament, good udders and prolific milk production. Gelbvieh females excel in early puberty, quick re breeding, high milk production, well-developed, structurally correct udders with pigmented teats, strong legs and feet to give them longevity. They will produce a live calf with minimum calving difficulty, and produce high weaning weights every year.

The quality of the Gelbvieh breed is improving every year. The Gelbvieh Associations are very progressive and are looking for new ways to promote the breed.  The best promotion of all is when you hear industry leaders and farmers saying quotes like this:
      “I am pleased with the way my Gelbvieh calves grow, since I got my Gelbvieh herd. I don’t chase my cows I call them. They are sure nice to handle.”

Gelbvieh genetics will really help the commercial cattlemen. Gelbvieh is the maternal based breed that is made to order for today’s market place.

The answer to Top Beef Production is looking you
Nolas Head

Gelbvieh Characteristics

Easy Calving

High Weaning Weight

Excellent Fertility

High Slaughter Weight

Dark, Hard Hooves

Outstanding Daily Gains

Docile, Good Nature

Horned or Polled Genetics

High Quality Carcass

Suitable for Crossbreeding Purposes

High Milk Production

Uniform Color with Total Pigmentation

Good Acclimatization

Good Mothering Ability

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UPDATED 13/6/2017

The New Zealand Gelbvieh Internet Solutions database now exists for Members and Animals.
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